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Test Purchasing

Engaging our experienced mystery shoppers will help you to protect revenue, improve the quality of your customer’s experience and identify training needs. Our experienced team will blend in naturally. We will gather feedback and evidence on how your products are being represented and sold. We will provide covert body cam video and written statements to help you protect your brand and give you that Peace of Mind.

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Test Purchasing

Every Test Purchasing project we undertake is unique. We will develop and share a plan with you that will meet the needs of your particular situation. We will use audio and video surveillance, including the use of covert body cams where appropriate. All evidence including written and documented evidence will be provided in a detailed and complete report.

Test Purchasing should be commissioned for two reasons.

  • To enhance the quality of your customer’s experience.
  • To prevent revenue and stock loss.

Test Purchasing - Improving the Quality of Your Service

You have all the passion and energy for your business to make it a success. Experience has taught us that driving that passion and energy into the people that work for you is not as easy as we might think.

You may observe your teams delivering exceptional service to your customers, but are you confident that this is the case when you are not there? If not, we can help. We have cost effective solutions that will give you real clarity of what your customers are truly experiencing. Understanding this gives you a place to start. We can also help with that. Providing action plans that will include identified training needs and recommended solutions.

We have Commercial, Sales and Customer Experience experts that can secretly and objectively gather evidence and feedback about the service your customer is experiencing. We will provide you with a full and comprehensive report on our findings. This report will give you three things.

  1. An understanding of the level of your current quality of service.
  2. What level you could achieve i.e. The art of the possible and how wide the gap is.
  3. A detailed plan, including actions and training solutions, to bridge the gap.

So, don’t delay, get in touch now. You cannot afford to be delivering mediocre Customer Service to the most valuable assets in your business… your customers.

Test Purchasing - Preventing Revenue or Stock loss

If you suspect that you are losing revenue through theft of revenue or stock, we have private investigators that can carry out Test Purchasing . This will be done efficiently and effectively with the minimum of disruption to your business. If there is wrong doing, we will find it and present the evidence with our advice. The evidence and advice, in the case of a member of staff, will support your disciplinary process and adhere to current employment law. In the case of a member of the public our evidence and guidance will support any criminal proceedings you wish to action.

Test Purchasing


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