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Missing Persons

Locate a lost or missing loved one or family member. Locate friends or work colleagues you have lost contact with. Don’t waste any more time not knowing, contact us now.

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Missing Persons

Our team of experienced Investigators can deploy a wide range of tried and tested methods and techniques to locate your missing person. We have access to professional and comprehensive tracing databases. Our searches will also explore the numerous social media platforms to uncover any digital footprint. Good old-fashioned legwork is also a good option. Starting with the last known location, making visits, and asking questions of local people and businesses. This will often lead us to a new locations and ultimately a trace on your missing person.

With the technology at our fingertips and the skills of our team there are lots of ways we can help you find your missing person. The important thing is to agree a plan that everyone is comfortable with. We will keep you informed at all stages so you can be confident that we are working for you in the most cost-effective way. When we find your missing person, it will be you who decides how and when we make contact, and most importantly, who makes that contact.

So don’t wait any longer and don’t waste anymore time. Get in touch with our missing person investigators today and we will do our very best and everything we can to help you find your missing person.

Missing Persons


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