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Relationship & Matrimonial Investigations

Let us help you gain that peace of mind. We will deal with your enquiry honestly and with respect. Everything you discuss with us will be private and confidential. Take that first step to Peace of Mind and contact us now.

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Relationship & Matrimonial Investigations

Talking to a stranger about the behaviour of a partner is never going to be easy. We understand this and we will guarantee to be sensitive, respectful, and professional in all our interactions with you. Discretion, confidentiality, and your privacy are of upmost importance to us. You will have a trusted single point of contact for the whole of any investigation we undertake on your behalf.

All of our investigators have extensive experience in this area and understand the emotions you are going through. You will no doubt have a lot of questions to ask us. You may prefer a male or female investigator to lead your case, or you may need to know the costs of an investigation? We are here to give you that peace of mind and talk to you about the numerous options available to you.

Below is a list of some of the ways that our Relationship & Matrimonial Investigators can help you. During your initial free consultation we will discuss the most suitable and cost-effective methods to help you to uncover the truth. We may recommend just one of the options below, a combination of solutions, or something not listed. This is all dependent on the circumstances of your case, your expectations, and your budget.

  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Mobile & Static Surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Tracing hidden assets and/or property
  • Professionally Prepared and Presented Documentary Evidence

No two cases are the same and we will take care of you as if it was our first case. We will listen to you, ask you lots of questions and develop an action plan to meet your needs and your budget. In addition to a great team, we use cutting edge surveillance equipment, the most up-to-date GPS vehicle tracking and modern investigation methods. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised just what we can achieve for them and how affordable the options are.

So, please get in touch with our professional Private Investigators. The first step is to have a conversation. From there we can explore the options, progress at your pace, and help you to uncover the truth and gain Peace of Mind .

Relationship & Matrimonial Investigations


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Missing Persons

Locate a lost or missing loved one or family member. Locate friends or work colleagues you have lost contact with. Don’t waste any more time not knowing, contact us now.

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Tracing Services

There are many reasons as to why you would want to trace someone. Finding birth parents, tracing adopted children, tracking down someone who owes you money or finding a missing loved one. Whatever your reason we understand these are often delicate and sensitive issues. We will deal with you confidentially and professionally. For your Peace of Mind our proven techniques have a high rate of success and are both legal and ethical.

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GPS Tracking & Surveillance

Our services include static, on-foot and mobile surveillance. We have a wide range of covert camera and audio equipment. Accessible to both private individuals and organisations our electronic surveillance will help you to uncover the truth. For your Peace of Mind, we also have counter measure surveillance capability that will discover and combat any surveillance you are currently subject to.

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